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It's the excuse chocolate lovers the country over have been waiting for...

What you need...
  • Sweet wrappers
  • Interfacing, self-adhesive
  • Fabric, 0.25 metres: net, nylon, white or pale colour; cotton velvet; printed cotton
  • Ribbon, satin, 11mm wide (or 2.5mm bias binding), 80cm long
  • Thread
  1. sweet wrapper bag - 1. Cut a rectangle of self-adhesive interfacing, 20cm x 28cm. Cut rectangles of nylon net and velvet the same size as the interfacing and two rectangles of printed cotton lining fabric. Peel off the paper backing from the interfacing and arrange the sweet wrappers to cover it completely, in a single layer, with the edges overlapping slightly.

    2. Cut a heart shape, or other motif, and place it in the centre. Put the net on top of the sweet wrappers, pinning it in a few places to hold the layers together. Stitch parallel lines of machine stitching horizontally and vertically, sandwiching the wrappers between the net and the interfacing and holding them firmly in place. Using a close zigzag, stitch all around the heart motif.

    3. Place this fabric and the velvet right sides together and stitch down one side, cross the bottom and up the other side, with a 1cm seam. Place the two pieces of lining fabric, right sides together and stitch down one side, across the bottom and up the other side, with a 1cm seam.

    4. Place the lining inside the bag. Fold under 1cm on the raw edge of both the bag and the lining. Cut the ribbon in half. (If using bias binding, fold each piece in half lengthways and stitch close to the two long folded edges). Insert the ends of the two ribbon handles between the lining and the bag, then slip-stitch the two folded edges together, stitching the handles in place as you go.

Vilene 'Filmoplast' Embroidery Backer is a non-woven fabric with a self-adhesive surface, perfect for this type of project, £3.30 per metre,, 01282 863181

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