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Get a head start on your Christmas dinner Preparations with this folk-style kit

What you need...
  • Pudding basin, ceramic, size 48
  • Marker, china, black
  • Paints: ceramic, red, dark green; fabric, brown white
  • Brush
  • Linen, cream
  • Ribbon, red and white, cream
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Felt, red, green
  • Sewing kit
  • Iron
  • Card blank, cream
  • Gingham, red and white
  • Thread, stranded, red
  • Adhesive, craft
  • Shears, pinking
  • Stamping kit, alphabet
  • Ink-pad, black
  1. Pudding Basin - Take a clean ceramic pudding basin. Draw on some holly and berries around the bottom with black china marker. Fill in the leaves with dark green ceramic paint, and the berries in red. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to finish the product.

  2. Pudding Topper - Trim cream linen, 22cm x 43cm. Fold over and sew a 1cm hem to form a tube. Turn out and press with an iron. Sew red and white ribbon along the top and bottom of the tube. Tie a length of ribbon tightly around the centre of the tube and tie on two cinnamon sticks.

    Snip holly leaves from green felt and berries from red, using the pattern provided. Attach by tying onto the cinnamon sticks. Tie a bow from the red and white ribbon and attach to the bottom of the topper on the ribbon.

  3. Pudding Card - Begin with a rectangular cream card blank, 10.5cm x 15cm. Stamp the words 'CHRISTMAS PUDDING' onto the bottom of the card using black ink. Trim red and white gingham, 9cm x 8cm, with pinking shears and glue to the front of the blank.

    Snip cream linen, 5.5cm x 6cm, and hand stitch around the edges using red thread. Paint a simple Christmas pudding onto the material using fabric paints and then stick the panel onto the gingham. - Sewing essentials and ceramic paints. - Pudding basin, 01623 517912 to find nearest stockist. - Alphabet stamping kit

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