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Love retro? Stitch Carolyn Letten's functional yet fun caravan pincushion. One of our most popular free projects!

What you need...
  • Fabric, cotton: green, patterned; How to Make a Pillowcase
    Stuffing, polyester
    Ricrac, pink
    Buttons, spotty
  1. Using the downloadable templates, cut two caravans from green fabric, a pink floral door, a blue window with a pink blind and two wheel arches from dark fabric. Arrange accordingly and use an acid-free glue stick to secure.

  2. Fix pink ricrac trim to the blind, detailing with navy stitches. Cut letters from text fabric to spell ‘off you sew’, then glue and stitch into place using cream thread. Press the reverse.

  3. Scale the template for the back piece so it’s 6cm tall and use to cut pink floral fabric. Turn the top raw edge over and sew to form a hem, then stitch ricrac across the top, close to the edge of the green piece.

  4. Cut a gusset, 7.5cm x 40cm, from green floral fabric and snip small cuts along the long edges. With a 5mm seam allowance and right sides facing, sew the gusset to the front, leaving a 5cm gap unstitched. Repeat for the back.

  5. Sew two buttons to the wheel arches and stuff until firm. Place thick card, 6cm x 10cm, on top of the stuffing before stitching the gaps closed.

  6. To keep the wheels straight, make an axel by scoring card, 3.5cm x 7cm, with three lines at 1cm intervals, then fold over to make a long triangular shape. Secure the end with glue and cover with matching fabric, then stick it between the wheels, underneath the caravan.

    - Don't forget, this project includes a free download. Click the link above to download it today.

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