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Indulge friends and family with beautifully packaged presents from The Soap Kitchen

What you need...
  • Oval handmade soaps, The Soap Kitchen
    Card, Crafter’s Companion, Sara Signature Shabby Chic A3 Pack
    Washi tape, glitter
    Paper flowers
    Paper fasteners
  1. Sparkly Box - 1 Cut card, 20.5cm x 22.5cm, and score 1cm, 3cm, 4cm and 6cm in from each edge. Clip away the corners and fold along the score lines.

    2 Fold in the long sides of the tray, sticking the first 1cm fold to the base to create a boxed edge. Push the tabs of the short sides into the ends of the long and glue the first 1cm fold to the base to complete the tray with neat mitred corners.

    3 Trim card, 4cm x 27cm, and score a 10.5cm wide section in the centre. Score again 2cm either side of this area and wrap around the tray. Glue the overlap at the back, taking care the band isn’t too tight.

    4 Decorate the corners of the tray and the width of the band with glitter washi tape. Layer paper flowers with small coloured brads and glue to one side of the band.

  2. Delicate Case - 1 Cut card, 20.5cm x 22.5cm, and score 1cm, 3cm, 4cm and 6cm in from each edge. Form a tray with neat mitred corners as before.

    2 Trim card, 12.5cm x 14.5cm, and score 2cm in on all sides. Crease the score lines sharply before cutting an aperture, 7cm x 9cm, from the centre, then glue acetate behind.

    3 Clip the card at the corners so the tabs can be folded in and glued to create a lid that slips over the tray. Decorate with a small tag made from leftover card, then add a neat bow.

  3. Pretty Parcel - 1 Cut two pieces of acetate, 8cm x 10cm. Trim card, 7cm x 10cm, and fold in half lengthways, then fix the acetate pieces to the inside of folded card with double-sided tape.

    2 Take card, 6cm x 14cm, then score 2cm in on all sides and crease along them. Clip the tabs at the corners and fold the card up to create a long thin tray. Secure the tabs with paper fasteners. 3 Slip the soap into the tray and place the acetate folder over the top, tucking the edges inside and securing with double-sided tape. Add a ribbon bow and paper fastener to the top-right corner.

After a long week of crafting, there’s nothing more soothing than soaking in a warm bath full of rich aromas – and The Soap Kitchen's handmade soaps do just the job! They don’t have to be kept as your little secret, why not gift them as presents and package them in these beautifully crafted boxes? We’d definitely be thrilled to receive one!

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