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Create beautiful crackers and cards in pink and lilac with delicate snowflake motifs

What you need...
  • Card, white, pearlised lilac, bright pink, silver mirror
  • Paper: pearlised lilac; crepe, bright pink
  • Tube, cardboard, 5cm diameter
  • Crystals, self-adhesive
  • Foam pads, 3-D
  • Cord, silver
  • Tape, double-sided
  • Sizzix machine
  • Die, snowflake, No2
  • Punch, snowflake, small
  1. Cracker - For each cracker, cut pearlised paper; one central section, 30cm x 11cm, and two end pieces, 30cm x 8cm. Trim two strips of crepe paper, 30cm x 8cm for the neck sections. Take the central piece and attach a crepe paper strip to each long edge using double-sided tape and overlapping by 2cm at each join.

    Add the end pieces, again overlapping by 2cm. Reinforce the central section with an 11cm length of 5cm diameter cardboard tube and roll the cracker around this, carefully positioning it so that the ends of the tube line up on each side with the crepe paper strips for the neck.

    Neatly hold the long edge in place with double-sided tape and tie silver cord around each of the necks. Cut a snowflake in silver mirror card using the Sizzix machine and punch a smaller one from bright pink card. Layer the pink snowflake onto the silver one and decorate the centre with a self-adhesive crystal.

  2. Snowflake Card - Fold white card, 28cm x 14cm, in half to form your blank. Trim silver mirror card, 11cm square, and lilac pearlised card, 10.5cm square. Layer together, attaching to the blank with 3-D foam pads.

    Cut a snowflake in silver mirror card with the Sizzix machine, and punch a small snowflake from bright pink card. Cut the large snowflake silhouette to 6cm square, and layer onto white card, 7cm square.

    Glue the small pink snowflake in the centre and decorate with a self-adhesive crystal. Attach to the card with 3-D foam pads. Finish your card with a length of silver cord tied in a bow around the spine. - Sizzix machines and dies - Pearlised paper

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