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Rustle up Helen Philipp's cushy number along with a matching cross-stitch tag

What you need...
  • Fabric: Tilda Beehive; white spot; mauve solid; black scrap; co-ordinating strips
  • Backing fabric
  • Iron-on webbing
  • Wadding
  • Bee button
  • Cushion pad
  • 14 count white Aida
  • Stranded cottons as in key
  1. Appliqué Beehive - 1 Trace the beehive shape onto card and cut out. Iron webbing on the reverse of yellow floral fabric. Draw round the beehive and carefully cut it out.

    2 Cut blue polka dot fabric, 7cm square. Peel the backing paper off the beehive shape and iron to the fabric square. When secure, sew around it.

    3 Iron webbing onto the back of a scrap of black fabric. Cut out a rectangle 2.5cm, then iron onto the beehive. Sew round the shape as before.

  2. Cross-Stitch Tag -

    1 Follow the chart for the beehive design and stitch over one block of aida. Use two strands of cotton for the cross-stitch and one strand for the back stitch and outlining. When the stitching is complete, cut out the design two holes away from the stitching, all the way round. Trim and mount onto card to create the tag and finish with a length of raffia.

  3. Make the Cushion -

    1 Trim 3cm strips of purple fabric for the inner border and sew on the sides using a 5mm seam allowance. Add the top and bottom borders. Press the seams flat.

    2 Create the outer borders with two co-ordinating strips of fabric. Press the seams. Take the piece of wadding and secure with basting pins. Quilt round the beehive and across the front, then quilt horizontal lines across the background.

    3 Sew in the ditch around the borders; you can add more or less quilting if you wish. Take the backing fabric and place right sides together, machine round the four sides leaving a gap at the bottom edge.

    4 Turn the cushion cover the right way out, adjusting the corners. Place a cushion pad inside and stitch the gap closed. Add a bee button for decoration. CB

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