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Embrace one of this season’s hottest trends with Helen Cant’s Eastern-inspired set

What you need...
  • BEADS Glass:round, 6mm, red x 25, black x 18, 8mm, black x 12; lentil, 15mm, red x 12; rectangular, 15mm x 10mm, black x 12, Filigree, metal, round, gold: 6mm x 18; 8mm x 8, Seed beads, size 11: red; brown; gold

  • FINDINGS Fabrics: Japanese Paper Bird and Flower in Red; Japanese Asian Fan and Flower on Red; Japanese Bamboo Orchid Flower Butterfly Paper Bird; Oriental Art of Fan and Flower; Japanese Oriental Flower Fan, Self-cover buttons, metal: 19mm x 2; 23mm x 3; 29mm x 5; 38mm x 1, Connectors: filigree, antique brass, 35mm x 5, 42mm x 1; earring, round, antique brass, 20mm, Chain, curb, antique brass, medium link, Ring blanks, filigree, antique brass, Bead cap, ornate, 19mm, gold, Jump rings, antique brass: 5mm; 6mm; 8mm, Clasps, antique brass: toggle; lobster, Head pins, antique brass, Eye pins, antique brass, Earwires, antique brass, Thread, beading, strong

  • TOOLS Tracing paper, Compass, Pencil, Scissors, sharp, Cutters, wire, Needle, beading, Tape measure, Glue, epoxy resin, Lolly sticks, Blu Tack, Pliers: round-nosed; flat-nosed
  1. Five Button Necklace - 1. Cut out five 49mm circles from different Oriental style fabrics, in the same way as for the tassel necklace. Remove the shanks from five 29mm cover buttons then fix a fabric circle to each. Adhere the buttons to 35mm filigree connectors and leave to set, repositioning if necessary. Arrange the connectors next to one another in a semi-circle shape then, once happy with the composition, link together using two 6mm jump rings between each.

    2. Thread an 8mm black round, red lentil and 8mm black round onto an eye pin, trim and loop, then repeat five times. Make up another four eye pins with an 8mm filigree bead, black rectangle and 8mm filigree bead. Link the beaded eye pins together to create two matching lengths, alternating styles. Add one to each of the end connectors with 6mm jump rings. Add an extension chain as for the tassel necklace,plus a lobster clasp and an 8mm jump ring.

  2. Make it yours - Create co-ordinating hair accessories by covering additional 23mm buttons with Oriental style fabrics and adhering to hair pin blanks.

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