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Embrace one of this season’s hottest trends with Helen Cant’s Eastern-inspired set

What you need...
  • BEADS Glass:round, 6mm, red x 25, black x 18, 8mm, black x 12; lentil, 15mm, red x 12; rectangular, 15mm x 10mm, black x 12, Filigree, metal, round, gold: 6mm x 18; 8mm x 8, Seed beads, size 11: red; brown; gold

  • FINDINGS Fabrics: Japanese Paper Bird and Flower in Red; Japanese Asian Fan and Flower on Red; Japanese Bamboo Orchid Flower Butterfly Paper Bird; Oriental Art of Fan and Flower; Japanese Oriental Flower Fan, Self-cover buttons, metal: 19mm x 2; 23mm x 3; 29mm x 5; 38mm x 1, Connectors: filigree, antique brass, 35mm x 5, 42mm x 1; earring, round, antique brass, 20mm, Chain, curb, antique brass, medium link, Ring blanks, filigree, antique brass, Bead cap, ornate, 19mm, gold, Jump rings, antique brass: 5mm; 6mm; 8mm, Clasps, antique brass: toggle; lobster, Head pins, antique brass, Eye pins, antique brass, Earwires, antique brass, Thread, beading, strong

  • TOOLS Tracing paper, Compass, Pencil, Scissors, sharp, Cutters, wire, Needle, beading, Tape measure, Glue, epoxy resin, Lolly sticks, Blu Tack, Pliers: round-nosed; flat-nosed
  1. Earrings - Cut out and attach a circle of fabric to a 19mm cover button with the shank removed and glue to an earring connector. Thread a 6mm black round, gold filigree bead and 6mm red round onto a head pin, trim and loop. Repeat twice, then attach each drop to the loops of the connector. Fix an earwire to the top loop, then repeat to make a pair.

  2. Make it yours - Create co-ordinating hair accessories by covering additional 23mm buttons with Oriental style fabrics and adhering to hair pin blanks.

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