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Combine old and new paper prints to freshen up a frame and craft a garland

What you need...
  • Papers: Papermania, Capsule Collection, Spots & Stripes Brights; Ruby Rock-It, Cook
    Card: white; coloured
    Picture frame
    Washi tape
    Punch, heart, small
    Ribbon, scrap
  1. Modern Garland - 1 From paper tape, cut circles, 6cm to 9cm in diameter. Starting on the outside, trim a spiral shape into each circle, leaving an uncut 1cm-1.5cm area in the middle. Roll the paper from the outside in.

    2 One by one, add a fair amount of wet glue to the centre, on the patterned side. Allow the flower to unravel slightly, then push the coil onto the glued section and hold for 10-20 seconds, until firmly stuck. Leave to dry.

    3 Once all of the embellishments have been made and are dry, lay them into a pleasing arrangement. Cut twine to the desired length, then add glue to the back of each paper rosette and stick them into place. Punch circles of card and sandwich the twine between two using wet glue to secure.

  2. Picture Frame - 1 Add a piece of patterned paper to the inside of a chosen picture frame. Make two small rolled rosettes, as for the garland, using pink paper and leave to dry.

    2 Cut around flowers on floral printed paper, then arrange them onto the frame. Cut 2cm x 3cm strips of paper, then trim them into triangles. Glue the triangles onto a length of twine to mimic bunting.

    3 Trim a butterfly shape from patterned paper and adhere it to the right-hand side of the frame. To finish, add clusters of cut-out flowers, as well as the rolled rosettes and mini bunting made earlier.

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