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Transform your jewellery box with this gorgeously girly collection

What you need...
  • Beads: glass pearls, pink mix, 100g; opaque rocailles, black, size eight, size 11
  • Thread, loom, rosey mauve
  • Needles, size 13
  • Bolt rings, silverplated, large, two
  • Ball wires, silver-plated, long, two
  • Calottes, silver-plated, four
  • Earring wires, silver-plated, hanging hoops
  • Pliers, flatnosed, half round-nosed
  1. Necklace - 1. Cut two lengths of thread, 100cm and 300cm. Leaving a tail of 10cm, tie the two ends together. Pass them through a size 11 rocaille, then knot to secure. Put the longer strand out of the way, and thread a needle onto the shorter one.

    2. Pick up a size eight rocaille, followed by a pearl. Repeat this sequence until the necklace measures 60cm. Feed on a small black bead, then loop the thread around and back through the hole before securing with several knots.

    3. Thread the needle onto the longer length. To create the tassells, pick up two random pearls, then a rocaille. Feed the needle back through the pearls, then pull tight and push through a few beads on the main necklace. Knot to secure.

    4. Feed the thread through beads on the necklace until you want to add another tassell. Repeat the whole way around. Add a calotte to one end by placing the first rocaille inside it. Squeeze shut with flat-nosed pliers. Repeat on the other side.

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