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Whip up our stylish pendant and earrings in next to no time

What you need...
  • Earwires with hooks, silver, one pair (256/01)
    Headpins, silver (255/01)
    Beads: rondels, glass, black(556/06); rondels, glass, black (558/06); rondels, glass, red (556/03); rondels, glass, red (558/03); crystal, faceted, glass (580/15); E beads, silver (190/01); E Beads, black (190/06)
    Pendant, deluxe, glass (916)
    Ribbon, organza, red
    Pliers, round-nosed (2 pairs)
    Wire cutters
  1. Pendant Necklace - Trim 85cm length of red organza ribbon, fold in half and thread the mid point through the hole in the glass pendant. Pass the two ends through the loop and pull so that the pendant hangs in the centre of your ribbon.

    Cut the ends to very narrow points, to pass through the beads easily. Thread each side of the necklace with a sequence of crystal and black glass gems, as shown. Securely tie the ends in a reef knot and trim with scissors.

  2. Earrings - These have been made in exactly the same way as the central pendant on the multi-beaded necklace, which will be featured on My Craft Weekly next month. Thread the beads onto a headpin, bend the wire to form a right-angle above the top bead and trim to 1cm with the wire cutters.

    Holding the end of the wire between the tips of a pair of round-nosed pliers, turn your wrist to create a circular loop. Join the dropper to the earwire by using two pairs of round-nosed pliers to gently twist open the loop (don’t pull the ends apart as this will make it impossible to re-form). Thread through the earwire and carefully close together. – For stockist details of Trimits beads, jewellery components, pendants and ribbon

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