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With these miniature quilled vegetables, you’ll never be without your five a day!

What you need...
  • Quilling strips, 3mm, assorted colours
  • Card: blank, square, coloured
  • Quilling tool
  • Adhesives
  1. Weave brown quilling strips around a rectangular item. Glue the strips to each other at every join, using several layers to build strength.

  2. To make onions, cut a full-length cream strip in half lengthways, roll and seal both halves with a dab of glue, then dome both and stick them together. Cut two sections of green paper, 3cm long, and twist the bottom tightly, then push the twist into the hole at the top and leave to dry before cutting into thin lengths.

  3. - Beetroots are made in the same way as onions. For carrots, follow the previous steps, pushing one of the halves into a point before glueing together.

  4. Roll four white strips together lengthways, then roll, seal and dome slightly. Roll and dome five green strips together to a height of 2cm. Cover the inside of both with PVA, then stick white inside the green to form a basic cauliflower. Cut tiny pieces of white paper and sprinkle onto the dome to resemble florets.

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