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Create Claire Willis’ knitting must-haves using spiral and peg techniques

What you need...
  • Quilling papers, 3mm, various colours
    Quilling tool
    PVA glue
    Plastic straws, thin
  1. Ball of Wool - 1 Form two, large tight pegs using 20 paper strips. Seal the ends and dome them into bowl shapes, liberally covering the insides with PVA glue. Stick firmly together.

    2 Make a spiral by winding a quilling strip along the length of a thin wire or needle and, when the whole of the strip is completed, wind the spiral around the ball starting from the middle. Create and join more spirals until it’s completely covered.

  2. Needle - 1 Join two thin drinking straws together with sticky tape and trim to the desired length. Rub PVA glue onto the straw and neatly wrap a silver quilling strip around it, ensuring it’s completely covered.

    2 When the paper is firmly stuck, brush glue along the outside of the needle and allow to dry to give it a metallic appearance. Next, create a small point at one end of the needle by rolling up a quarter-length strip. Form a blunt end using the remainder of the strip. Repeat to make another.

  3. Spool of Thread - 1 Create four tight pegs, three strips long and a further two pegs using four strips each. Roll them tightly, seal the ends with adhesive and tap them on a flat surface.

    2 Cover one side of each with a thin coat of glue to help retain the shape, then assemble the spool. Cut a quilling strip lengthways into three parts and carefully wrap each strip onto the spool, dabbing it with glue.

  4. Buttons - Make four tiny pegs from a 3cm length of paper and roll them up starting at the end of a full length strip. Join more strips according to the desired size of the button, then dome it very slightly.

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