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These delicious dessert-inspired decs will make your mouth water...

What you need...
  • Paper, quilling, 3mm: Beech Brown, Medium Brown, Robin Brown, cream, Scarlet, Leaf Green, white, black
  • Card: red, cream
  • Quilling tool
  • Pen, fine, black
  • Glue, PVA
  • Thread
  1. Place Settings - 1 To make each pudding, use 12 whole strips of brown paper, 45cm. Roll a large peg with these, joining on a new strip each time. To get a smoother finish, overlap the ends slightly. Carefully make a cup shape by moulding the peg with your fingers, until it measures 1.5cm. Coat the inside with PVA and allow to dry thoroughly.

    2 Make a second dome, and glue them together around the centre, adding another strip to cover the join. Using a marker pen, decorate the shape to resemble a pudding. To make the plate, roll 12 white, 45cm strips, into a large peg. Shape very slightly into a plate shape, and coat with
    glue underneath. Allow to dry.

    3 For the cream, cut some strips in half lengthwise. Make lots of tiny coils on your quilling tool – there is no need to glue each one – just roll and
    cut after a couple of turns of the tool. Starting at the top of the pudding, stick coils on their sides to resemble cream dribbling down.

    4 Make four holly leaves from green, 7.5cm. Roll and shape into four points. Create the berries from two pegs made with red, 5.5cm. Glue these to the top of pudding, leaving a thin channel between the two sets of holly to insert a place name. Adhere to to the plate and allow to dry.

  2. Tree Dec - 1 Make the basic pudding shape using the same method as for the place settings. Roll 20 brown 45cm strips for each large peg. Again, shape each one into a dome until it measures 2cm tall. Assemble the pudding as before. To cover the shape, make petals using various shades of brown, 9cm.

    2 Make several pegs from black, 7.5cm. For the cream, roll lots of coils from strips, 3mm – again, there is no need to glue each one, as they will hold their shape. Starting at the top, fix coils on their sides to look like cream. Cover the remainder with the petals and pegs, starting at the edge of the cream coils. Continue until they meet at the base – you may need to fill with some extra shapes to fit.

    3 Make three holly leaves from 11cm strips of green. For berries, roll three pegs from red, 11cm. Secure these to the top as shown. Cut a short
    length of thread and knot together at the ends. Put a little glue between the berries and insert the knotted end, then you are ready to hang your Christmas pudding on the tree.

  3. Pudding Card - 1 Cut a 7cm circle from cream card. Attach to a 13.5cm square folded red card. Draw a faint circle 4cm diameter in the centre. Make 18 petals from cream paper. For each, roll a 7.5cm strip into a coil. Allow to expand, then glue down the end. Pinch into shape as shown. For the pudding section, make 30 petals using 7.5cm strips. Make six black pegs from 7.5cm strips by rolling up the length and sticking it down without allowing to expand.

    2 Using the pattern and photograph as a guide, begin to stick shapes to the circle outline, starting with the cream shapes. Continue with the puddings, mixing up the shades of brown and including the black pegs. Glue a brown strip around the pudding section, and a cream strip around
    the top.

    3 Make three holly leaves from 7.5cm strips and two 5.5cm pegs for berries. Roll a very loose coil from a 30cm white strip for the plate. Glue down the end and pinch into a thin, plate shape before sticking under the pudding. Write a greeting on the card or use peel offs and add some more holly in each corner to complete.

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