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Quill a camping scene to bring back fond memories of holidays gone by

What you need...
  • Quilling papers,assorted
    Quilling tool
    PVA glue
    Pens, fine-tip, coloured
  1. To create a lady, roll two peach coloured strips end to end into a tight coil and seal with a tiny dab of glue. Dome the coil slightly on the end of your finger, then coat the inside with PVA. Repeat and secure the two domes together to form a head.

  2. Make a body by rolling six coloured strips end to end, then seal and push to a height of 5cm. Each arm is made from one rolled strip and each leg from two rolled strips. After sealing the end, very carefully push the shape into a point of the desired height. Assemble and decorate by drawing a face with fine-tip pens, then make hair from paper strips.

  3. To form a small branch for the base of the fire, roll and seal a half strip of brown quilling paper and push to point.

  4. Assemble several branches in a pile, then add orange, red and yellow flames made from short lengths of paper rolled and allowed to uncurl, then fashioned into a teardrop shape.

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