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Christmas is the time to celebrate with family and friends, so let Jasmine Burgess’ ideas with metallics liven up the party!

What you need...
  • Card: metallic; plain
  • Craft knife
  • Ribbon
  • Tissue, gold
  • Hole punch
  • Card making tools
  • Adhesives
  1. Paper Stars - 1 Download the star template. Place on the white side of gold card, and cut out. Join the dotted lines, mark off with pencil and connect one pointed edge to the following corner. Score the tabs where the tab edge meets outside line of the star.

    2 Fold the small tabs towards the centre, then flip the star over. Squeeze each point to make the pre-scored lines fold inward, popping the star into a 3-D shape. Repeat on each point of the star.

    3 Turn the stars over, white side up and stick tape into the folded tabs – which should be gold if folded the right way. Peel away tape backing and
    join shapes, and gently press the edges together.

  2. Mini Crackers - 1 Measure a rectangle of card, 10cm x 15cm, shape into a tube and staple to secure. Fill the tubes with sweets, then cover with metallic tissue
    (just half a sheet should be fine) making sure that there is enough at each end to gather and tie.

    2 Gather each end of the tissue and gently bunch. Tie the ends with ribbon, then open up so they don't look bunched. Cut a rectangle of card, place over tissue, carefully positioning it in the middle of the tube and secure with double-side tape at the back.

    3 Create stars from different coloured metallic card and stick in the centre of the top of the cracker to finish.

  3. Paper Garland - 1 Using the template, cut out a selection of hearts, stars and trees. You might want to add your own shapes to our selection, so try some familiar motifs, like stockings or snowmen.

    2 Team gold and metallic card with a deeper shade of purple in a matt finish to break up the colours. Remember to cut out the shapes in a variety of shades so you feature enough in the finished garland.

    3 Punch a hole in each cut out. For the heart make the hole at the side, so that is hangs nicely at an angle. Use bright ribbon in similar tone to the card and thread on the shapes coloured side up.

  4. Angels - 1 Draw around the angel template on the white side of gold card. Cut out the shape using a craft knife, taking care around the halo and gaps
    inside the arms.

    2 There are two slightly different cuts for the wings; one made inside out, and the other from outside in. Don't be tempted to make these slits the same or the angel won't slot into place.

    3 Holding the angel towards you, gently curl the round edge of the skirt into a circle. Slide the outside wing over the inside wing and slot together.

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