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Create spooky shadows with Jane Kharade's pretty pumpkin tealight holders

What you need...
  • Paints: glass, opaque, orange; multi-surface, gold
    Sticky-backed plastic
    Tealight holders
  1. Use the two large pumpkin templates and cut out the eyes, nose and mouth from sticky-backed plastic. Wash the tealight holders in hot soapy water and dry. Peel the backing paper from the sticky-backed plastic and position.

  2. Dip the brush in the opaque paint and cover the tealight holders with an even coat of paint, working vertically. Use a scalpel to remove the sticky
    plastic, then put the pieces to one side on waxed paper.

  3. Leave to dry completely for a minimum of 24 hours. Place the holders in a cold oven and bake on foil at 160ºC for 40 minutes. Leave the pieces in the oven to cool down completely.

  4. Re-position the stencils on the tealight holders and paint on an even coat of orange glass paint. Carefully remove the stencils, leave to dry for 24
    hours and bake again for 40 mins at 160ºC.

  5. Once cool, use a sharp scalpel to tidy up any white lines that may show through. Complete by applying vertical lines and dots around them with the
    gold multi-surface paint.

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