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  • Use the FREE Afternoon Tea papers from your June issue to make these three delightful greetings. You can download more to print out and craft with from our online template pack.
  1. Birthday Cake - 1 Create a 9cm x 14cm white tent-fold blank, then cover the front with pale green paper. Cut cupcake paper to 8cm x 13cm and attach on top.

    2 Wrap pom-pom trim and ribbon around the bottom of the card. Cut a sentiment and attach on top of the trim on the right-hand side with 3D foam pads.

    3 Layer a square sentiment onto white card then pale green paper, and fix to the top of the card so it protrudes above. Stick a bow on the left-hand side of the sentiment. Fix a small cupcake to a little tag, secure to the centre of the bow and add a button on top.

  2. Celebration Card - 1 Make a 15cm square white blank and cut the front down to 9cm wide. Cut floral paper, 14cm square, adhere on yellow paper, then fix inside the card.

    2 Cut bottle paper, 8cm x 14cm, layer onto yellow and stick to the card front. Punch a pretty border from yellow paper, then attach down the left side and fix white ribbon on top. Tuck a ‘With love’ sentiment behind the border in the top-left corner.

    3 Layer a square sentiment onto yellow and stick to the card front. Trim three flowers and adhere in the bottom-left corner of the sentiment with 3D foam pads. Add two buttons and a bow to the flowers.

  3. Pop-Up Greeting - 1 Take 14cm x 29.5cm of white card and, using our template, score, cut and fold to create a box card. Refer to the template to score and fold three strips, cover with our cupcake paper, then attach inside the top of the box, evenly spaced apart.

    2 Trim ditsy floral paper, 6cm x 13cm, layer on pink paper then attach to the back panel. Cut three pieces of teapot paper, 6cm square, matt onto pink paper, then attach to the flaps. Repeat with ditsy floral paper and attach to the sides of the box.

    3 Snip ‘Best wishes’ and ‘2 for tea’ from our sentiments sheet and attach one to the top of the back panel and one to the front flap with 3D foam pads. Trim two toppers and attach to the other flaps in the same way.

    4 Cut out 13 teapots, cupcakes and toppers, then attach them to thin strips of acetate. Attach the ends of the acetate across the strips in the inside of the box so the shapes look like they’re exploding out. Add a bow on the front flap to finish.

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