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Project Ideas For Your July Papers

Designer: Amanda Walker
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What you need...
  • Use your July 2018 free Mexican-themed papers by Alice Potter to create these three greetings.
  1. Thank You Card - 1 Cover a 10.5cm x 15cm blank with green llama patterned paper. Add a ‘Thank you’ sentiment to the top-right corner.

    2 Stick the bunting motif to thin card and cut out. Punch small holes in the top corners of each flag, then thread with baker’s twine.

    3 Drape the bunting from the top corner down and secure with 3D foam pads. Tuck under the ends of the baker’s twine and cover with small squares of card.

  2. Llama Card - 1 Cut a 9cm x 13cm piece of green diamond paper and add a pink llama strip along the bottom. Mount onto copper metallic card, leaving a 3mm border. Fix this to a 10.5cm x 15cm orange blank.

    2 Glue a large llama motif to thin card, then cut out. Fix to the centre of the greeting with 3D foam pads. Mount the ‘Hola’ greeting onto copper metallic card, trim to shape and fix in the top-left corner.

  3. Llama Says Relax - 1 Using orange floral paper, cover a landscape 10.5cm x 15cm blank. Cut a 1.5cm wide strip of geometric paper, mount onto red metallic card, leaving a narrow border, then fix across the bottom of the card.

    2 Cut out a yellow llama, speech bubble and cactus, then glue to red metallic card. Trim the shapes, leaving a narrow border. Gently curve the edges back and mount to the card with 3D foam pads.

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