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Bright and zingy party pleasers

What you need...
  • Card: bright green, mid green, bright orange, purple, black
  • Hole punch
  • Pens: fine liner, black 0.1; gel pen, white
  • Googly eyes
  • Adhesives
  1. 1 Cut a sheet of A4 bright card down the centre lengthways so you have two 10.5cm wide blanks. Score across the centre of both blanks to make an A6 top fold portrait blank when folded.

    2 Put one blank aside and with the remaining one, mark a halfway point along the score line. Use this point as a guide and draw two lines 8cm in length and 4cm apart down the centre of the card. Line a ruler up to the ends of the drawn lines and score a line between the two points.

    3 Carefully cut along the drawn lines with a ruler and a sharp knife. Close the blank pushing the cut section towards you, this will create the pop-up element.

    4 Turn the blank over and on the reverse, stick double-sided tape around the edges, and the pop-up hole. Carefully line up the other blank that was set aside to the pop-up and secure in place.

    5 Download the free pumpkin templates and cut out in orange, black and mid green, then assemble. Cut the ‘Boo!’ and bats in purple, the wording for the front in orange, black and purple and the spiders in black.

    6 Stick the pumpkin to the pop-up element. Arrange and stick bats, a spider and ‘Boo!’ to the upper inside and lower inside. Draw and doodle sketchy lines, webs and little spiders in white and black pens. Decorate and doodle the front of the blank with the remaining wording, bats and spiders.

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