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Playful Makes With Pixelhobby

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Share your crafty passion with younger ones as you make these vibrant characters with Pixelhobby UK

What you need...
  • XL 4 Baseplate Pirate Kit, £39.99
    XL 1 Baseplate Unicorn Kit, £12
    XL Small Magnet Kit, Horse, £4.95
    XL Small Magnet Kit, Rocket Launch, £4.95
    XL Micro Magnet Kit, Union Flag, £3.95
  1. About Pixelhobby UK - Share your crafty passion with younger ones as you make these vibrant characters with Pixelhobby UK. Though the designs seem elaborate, it couldn’t be easier to get started with their XL kits. No tools are required as the XL pixelsquare is four times bigger than the standard size, meaning absolutely everyone can have a go. Pick your project, line up the coloured squares atop a plastic base plate and in a matter of minutes, you’ll start to see patterns emerging.

    Behind the scenes...
    After starting out selling pixel kits and other crafts at local fairs, Janet Eden, owner at Pixelhobby UK, soon saw that she was on to a winner. Pixel kits were far more popular than anything else on offer and now, three years later, their popularity continues to grow. This is due in no small part to the massive range of designs you can choose from. Online you’ll find magnets, cardmaking kits and framed projects of every size, each with the option of myriad designs – there really is something for everyone. You can make a stunning work of art to display proudly in your home or just pick up a kid-friendly kit and see younger ones marvel at their own skill as they produce magnets and keyrings to treasure – the choice is yours! Find everything you need to get started at

  2. Let's Get Started - 1 Choose your design and the corresponding pattern sheet. Use the guide on the pattern sheet to colour match your pixel squares. Each tile has a domed upper face and a small hole in the bottom.

    2 Take a plastic base plate with the pins facing up, then lay over the pattern sheet so the colours are visible. Choose a suitable point along one edge to start adding pixels and press out a handful of the XL tiles in the correct colour.

    3 Take the tile and place it over a pin on the base board so it slips into the small hole. Press down lightly, adjusting the angle so it is parallel to the edges of the base plate.

    4 Add more tiles in the same way and check the positioning is correct before pushing them all down completely. If you are tiling one long side of the base plate, it’s worth pressing the edge against a flat surface to straighten them all before flattening the tiles completely.

  3. Unicorn -

    The popularity of these magical creatures shows no signs of waning any time soon. Get in on the trend with the XL 1 Baseplate Unicorn Kit which comes complete with a matching frame for a perfectly pink finish. You'll find plenty more designs on too!

  4. Mini Magnets -

    Pixelhobby UK's magnet kits are a great starting point as not only are they quicker to complete, each one comes with three free patterns! Head online to find a list of Pixelhobby UK's stockists who can supply you with the individual baseplates and colours you'll need to make your free patterns as well as using up any spare pixelsquares from your kits.

  5. EXCLUSIVE OFFER! - The Crafter’s Cavern who stock Pixelhobby UK products are offering 15% off orders over £30 and 25% off orders over £75 using the code SAVE25. Head to to save today!

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