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Create Jane Kharade's striking copper collection with autumnal leaves

What you need...
  • BRACELET Skeleton leaf, Precious Metal Clay,Silver tone bangles x 3,Jump rings, 5mm, Silver sheet, 0.7mm, Copper sheet, 0.7mm

  • TOOLS Pliers, round-nosed, flat-nosed, snipe-nosed, Wire cutters, Acrylic rolling pin, Scalpel, Handheld blow torch and firing brick, Double-sided tape, Needle tool, Needle files, Emery papers, coarse, medium, fine, Metal burnisher, Power tool with 2mm drill bit, Pink carborundum, Texturing attachment, 5mm, Saw frame and no.3 blades, Wooden benchpeg and G clamp, Metal block, Metal punch, Ball pien hammer
  1. Bracelet - 1. Cut out a medium leaf, oak leaf and acorn template, leaving a small border. Attach the medium leaf and acorn templates to a copper sheet, and the oak leaf to a silver sheet using double-sided tape. Cut and pierce out the shapes in the same way as for the pendant. File any rough saw marks as before and drill holes for the jump rings. Use emery papers to create a mirror finish on the acorn and silver oak leaf, and texture the bottom half of the acorn and the copper leaf with a handheld power tool and texturing attachment.

    2. Roll out a thin piece of silver clay with an acrylic rolling pin. Lay a large leaf template over the clay and cut out. Press a skeleton leaf into the silver clay motif, with the veins running central. Remove the skeleton leaf and using a needle tool, add a small hole at the top. Once completely dry, neaten the leaf with a needle file. Fire on a soldering block with a handheld blow torch and cool in water. Brush the leaf with a wire brush and washing up liquid to bring out the silver, then burnish. Thread the charms onto 6mm jump rings, and attach to three bangles.

  2. Make it yours - Attach one large copper leaf and one small silver clay leaf onto a large earring hoop using a jump ring. Repeat to create a second earring.

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