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Picnic Set

Designer: Sophia Palmer
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Get the garden party started with this pretty three-piece collection

What you need...
  • Printed cotton fabric, assorted colours
    Pom-pom trim
    Bias binding
    5mm ribbon
    Gutermann thread
    Machine zipper foot

    All seam allowances 10mm unless stated otherwise.
  1. Cutlery Pouch - 1. Cut two 20cm x 35cm rectangles from printed cotton for the front and back, plus another 20cm x 32cm rectangle for the pocket. Press the pocket piece in half so it measures 16cm x 20cm then lay it on top of a 35cm rectangle. Align the raw edges along one end, with the fold of the pocket towards the centre of the rectangle and pin.

    2. Tack the three raw edges together, close to the edge, then with a normal length stitch, sew two lines down the middle to create three long pockets. Evenly space out these lines. Place the second rectangle on top, right sides together. Pin around the edge.

    3. Cut 60cm of ribbon and fold it in half. Place most of the ribbon between the front and back inside, with the fold just poking out and pin. Sew all the way around the rectangle, leaving a 5cm gap in the top. Trim all the corners. Turn the right way around through the gap. Press flat. Hand sew the gap closed.

  2. Swallowtail Bunting - 1. Using the bunting template provided on the pattern pages, cut two pieces of fabric for every flag. You can make as many as you like. Pin two flag pieces right sides together and sew around the sides and swallowtail, leaving the top straight edges open. Trim all corners and cut into the inner corner before turning right side out. Press flat. Continue to repeat for all of the remaining flags.

    2. Cut bias binding to the desired length. Press in half lengthways, wrong sides together to create a neat, folded edge. Leaving 15cm- 30cm at each end, pin the flags in between the fold of the bias binding. When happy with the placement, sew along the binding close to the open edges, sealing the flags in place as you sew. Press flat. You can fold over the excess ends and stitch to make loops or leave the ends for tying.

  3. Pom-Pom Napkins - 1. Cut two 40cm squares of fabric and 170cm of pom-pom trim. Start pinning the trim around the edge of the right side of one square. The ribbon should be on the raw edge, with the pom-poms facing in towards the centre. Cut off any excess.

    2. Using a zipper foot, sew the pom-pom trim in place along the ribbon edge. When you get to the end, overlap the ends slightly. Place the second square, right sides together, on top of the pom-pom square. Pin all the way around the raw edges, sealing the pom-poms inside.

    3. Using the zipper foot, sew the second square on top, as close to the poms-poms as you can, so the ribbon isn’t poking out. Leave a 5cm gap for turning. Trim all the corners off then turn right side out through the gap. Press flat, being careful not to touch the pom-poms with the iron. Topstitch all the way around the napkin, close to the edge, sealing the gap shut as you sew. Press again to finish.

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