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Make pretty fabric gift boxes and a matching card with our how-to

What you need...
  • Fabric, assorted colours
  • Mountboard
  • Stamps: Hobbycraft clear set, Daisy (50273HC); Personal Impressions Art Stamps, Big Sentiments by Paula Pascual
  • Paper, gingham
  • Card
  • Ribbon
  • Flower, fabric
  • Adhesives
  • Stapler
  1. Fabric Box - 1 Download the templates and cut out the box base from mountboard. Score along all the fold lines. Use acrylic glue to stick the box corners together and allow to dry.

    2 Cut out a rectangle of stripey material, 13cm x 38cm. Place the assembled base upside-down and apply double-sided tape around the edge of the square bottom. Leave the backing paper on the tape for the moment.

    3 Spray the sides of the box with adhesive then, starting at one end of a rectangle of fabric, position it centrally and wrap it around the base after removing the paper off the tape. Smooth out any wrinkles and stick down, tucking in the raw edges.

    4 Use the lid template to create the top of the box from mountboard. Score, fold and stick into position. Spray the box lid with adhesive and cover
    with fabric, 19cm square. Turn over and smooth out any wrinkles, then stick down the edges.

    5 Fix white fabric to card, then stamp the daisy design in blue ink. Allow to dry before cutting the flower shape out and embellishing with a button.

  2. Thank You Card - 1 Create a turquoise card blank. Use double-sided tape to stick a square of gingham paper to the front as indicated.

    2 Add a rectangle of pink card, framed by the blue gingham. Apply a little acrylic glue to the middle of the back of a fabric flower, then attach to the front of the card.

    3 Stamp the ‘Thank You’ sentiment onto white card and cut a ‘V’ shape into one end. Staple this into position on the stem of the flower, as indicated.

    4 Apply a line of tape along the front of the card, then attach a length of knotted ribbon.

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