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Pen Wash Christmas Cards

Designer: Ruth Watkins

Create these wonderful festive mini cards with pen and wash techinique

What you need...
  • Paints, Marabu, DecoMatt, red wine, blue green, yellow
  • Card, green, fuchsia
  • Glue stick
  • Pen, waterproof
  • Ruler: plastic, metal
  • Paper: water-colour; tracing; graphite
  • Craft knife
  • Tape, low tack
  • Hairdryer
  • Palette
  • Brushes, round, no. 2, no. 4
  1. Directions - Trace all designs from the pattern provided. Secure tracing paper to a sheet of water-colour paper with low tack tape, and slip graphite paper underneath. Transfer the images by going over the outlines with a stylus. Use a ruler for any straight lines to keep the design crisp.

    Go over the traced lines with the black fine tipped water proof marker. The ink needs to be heat set for one or two minutes to avoid bleeding when the paint is added. Move a hair dryer backwards and forwards holding quite close to surface.

    Dilute each shade of paint with clean water to form an ink-like wash. Dip a round brush in the first tone, then touch the tip onto kitchen roll to remove excess moisture. Fill each section, using the photos as a guide.

    To build up a graduation of colour, re-wet individual sections with diluted paint if dry, and add in a small amount of full-strength tone. Blend by moving the brush backwards and forwards until you are happy with the result. Repeat with the remaining paints until your design is complete.

    To achieve the mottled background effect on the larger cards, add dabs of diluted burgundy wine to a wet wash of yellow background in a random fashion. Fix all painting with a hairdryer. Add details and stitching with black pen. Trim the designs and mount onto pink and green blanks, cutting the excess away to leave miniature cards. - cards and water-colour paper -Marabu DecoMatt paints – Brushes

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