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Pearl Jewellery Set

Designer: Lisa Steed Davey
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Radiate classic beauty with this gorgeous pearl set

What you need...
  • Mocha pearls, 6mm x 58
  • Cream pearls, 8mm x 54
  • Vintage clasp
  • Calottes
  • Jump rings, 4mm
  • Thread, beading
  • Mocha pearls, 6mm x 28
  • Cream pearls, 8mm x 30
  • Magnetic clasp
  • Calottes
  • Jump rings, 4mm
  • Thread, beading
  • TOOLS:
  • Basic jewellery making kit
  • Beading needle
  1. Necklace - 1 Cut a long length of beading thread and tie a knot in the end. Thread on a calotte and tie another knot, then close the calotte over them both. Thread on 25 mocha pearls, then six cream pearls. Go back through the first two cream pearls, then add a mocha pearl. Repeat this pattern until you have nine flowers.

    2 Thread on 25 more mocha pearls, then secure a calotte and knot in place as before. Attach a jump ring to either end of the necklace, then finish with a vintage clasp.

  2. Bracelet - 1 Make a knot in a length of beading thread, then attach a calotte. Thread on five mocha beads then create five flowers as before. Add five more mocha beads, then tie a knot, thread a calotte and close, trimming the excess.

    2 Thread the needle again, add a knot and calotte, then string five mocha pearls. Go through the other side of the flowers, adding a mocha pearl between each. String five mocha pearls, knot and add a calotte. Connect a 4mm jump ring to both ends, then attach a magnetic clasp to finish.

  3. Earrings - Make matching earrings by creating flowers with gold beading wire and pearls, then connect to calottes and earwires.

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