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Use the Silhouette Portrait 3 to create a selection of summery papercrafts

What you need...
  • Silhouette Portrait 3 machine
  • Cardstock, various shades
  • Black pearls
  • White satin ribbon
  • String
  • Adhesives
  1. Summer Party Invite - 1 Go to and download Sweet Taste of Summer #42585, then place the image onto the Design Page. Select the Registration Marks window. Re-size the image so that it falls within the three registration marks and will fit onto a 12cm wide blank. Send the image to your printer; this will print the marks around the outside of your image. Place the image onto the cutting mat and send it to the Silhouette Portrait 3. Only use the large image for this project – save one small melon quarter for the Treat bag project.

    2 Clear the Design Page screen and use the text feature to type ‘Party!’ using your chosen font (the bolder the better). Click on the Open Emboss Window. Choose the Print and Emboss section – it will take you through each step from printing, adding registration marks and finally the embossing. Trim the printed ‘Party!’ sheet to 9cm x 12cm, with the word near the bottom. Matt onto a white blank of the same size. Stick the melon at the top so it overlaps the edge, then add a few black pearls to finish.

  2. Watermelon Table Decoration - Add the 3D Watermelon #115103 image to the Design Page, then re-size and cut out the pieces from red, white, black and green card. Carefully assemble and stick the watermelon together using glue. Make several so you can scatter them around the table.

  3. Watermelon Bunting - Place the Watermelon #41525 image onto the Design Page and cut five out from green, red, pink and black card. Assemble all of the fruit pieces, then turn them over and add a length of white twine across the widest part of each on the reverse side and secure with tape. Leave 2cm in-between each melon piece. Loop the ends for hanging.

  4. Treat Bag - Add the Treat Bag #45733 image to your Design Page and re-size to fit. Add lime cardstock to your printer, then send the design to it. Assemble the gift bag and glue it to secure. Fill with sweets, chocolates or a small gift, thread white ribbon through the holes, then punch a small hole in the top of the melon quarter from the previous project, and tie the ribbon into a bow.

If you wish to find out more about the Silhouette Portrait 3 features or want to buy one of your own for £215, visit

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