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Be in the mood for love wearing Helen Cant’s vintage-inspired set

What you need...
  • OVAL NECKLACE Cream pearl, 10mm, Blue faceted glass rondelles, 10mm x 2, Red faceted glass rounds, 8mm x 2, Red plastic rose bead, 15mm, Red and white striped ribbon, 5mm wide x 25cm, Bicycle charm, Bead caps x 6, Ornate oval bezel, 48mm x 61mm, Jump rings, 5mm, Jump rings, 7mm, Jump ring, 10mm, Small link chain x 48cm, Extension chain, Head pins, Lobster clasp

  • TOOLS Pliers, round-nosed, flat-nosed, Wire cutters, Gedeo doming and glazing resin, Measuring cups in millilitres, Disposable mixing cups, Lolly sticks, Cocktail sticks, Heat gun, PVA glue, Paintbrush, Paper, photo quality, matt coated, 170GSM
  1. Printing Images - Download the required PDF file for this project from the link provided on this page. Load a piece of good quality matt coated photo paper into your printer. For optimum printing quality, ensure your printer is set to its highest quality level in the preferences menu. Also, to make the images fit the bezels perfectly, ensure that you print the file at its actual size, rather than selecting the 'fit to page' option. Once printed, leave the paper for at least an hour to allow the ink to fully dry.

  2. Oval Necklace - 1. Print and glue an oval image into a matching bezel, then seal with PVA glue as before. When dry, prepare 3ml of resin and pour into the bezel, spreading to the edges. Gently heat to remove air bubbles as before, then leave to fully set.

    2. Make two drops with a bead cap, 10mm blue bead, 8mm red bead and another bead cap. Create one drop with a single 10mm pearl between two bead caps and another with a red rose bead. Cut 48cm of small link chain and attach the oval bezel to the middle with a 7mm jump ring.

    3. Using 5mm jump rings, secure three bead drops to the left of the bezel and the remaining drop to the right, along with a bicycle charm. Cut 25cm of narrow striped ribbon, thread through a link above the bead drop on the right and tie in a bow. Trim any excess, then coat the ends with clear nail varnish to prevent fraying. Secure a lobster clasp and extension chain to the necklace with jump rings.

  3. Try another... - Create matching earrings by hanging Eiffel Tower charms, ivory rose beads and ribbon bows from ear wires.

  4. Make it Yours - As a variation on the red, cream and blue colour scheme, why not try black and white for a more classic look.

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