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Craft this beautiful Scandi-inspired set for a festive scene

What you need...
  • Card: red, white
  • Paper: red, white
  • Pens: gel, white; fine fibre tip, red, black
  • Pom-poms, white
  • Gems
  • Ribbon
  • Adhesives
  1. Festive House Card - 1 Copy the house template onto red or white card. Cut out, adding two slits at the base where indicated. To edge the roof with a contrasting colour, glue paper behind the house and trim the excess with decorative scissors.

    2 Decorate the face of the card with paper shaped into doors, windows and hearts. Use pens to draw panes, doors, shutters and other details. Add self-adhesive gems and ribbon.

    3 Trim paper, 1cm to 2cm wide and as long as the height of the house. Add two slits, 2cm from each end. Slot these into the cuts on the house, then lay flat to decorate with more pen or ribbon. Re-attach and stand.

    4 Create additional shapes from offcuts, then adhere the foreground to add dimension. Embellish with more pen, gems and ribbon. Finish with a printed sentiment edged with contrasting paper.

  2. Hanging Gingerbread House - 1 Copy the house template onto red card and cut out. Glue white paper to the back, then snip away the white to shape snow on the roof and a border at the base.

    2 Decorate with offcuts of paper, pen and other embellishments. Punch two holes at the top of the roof and four to seven holes at the bottom.

    3 Pierce a white pom-pom with a needle and thread, then secure in place with a dot of glue. Add another, then repeat. Tie the thread in the hole, knot and secure with glue. Repeat until you have strung all rows.

    4 To hang, feed thread through the holes on the roof, securing the ends at the back of the house with a small piece of tape.

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