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Papercraft Strawberries

Designer: Cathie Shuttleworth
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Create a tasty set of papercraft treats with our fruity makes

What you need...
  • Paper: red, green
  • Paint, 3-D relief, pearl white
  • Sequins, red
  • Gems, adhesive, silver
  • Ribbon
  • Flower stamen
  1. Gift Box - 1 Copy the downloadable template onto red paper, then the leaf shape onto green. Cut out and score all the dotted lines. Use a wheel punch or sharp knife to cut a small hole in the middle of the lid.

    2 Glue all the side tabs and join all the edges together. Decorate the outside of the box with pearl white relief paint, sequins or gems, then tie two ends of ribbon together in a knot to make a loop.

    3 Feed the loop through the hole, then knot on the inside. Cut out and glue the open ends of the green leaf together. Feed the ribbon loop through the hole in the middle, securing into place with a dot of glue.

  2. Card - Cut a heart along a folded edge of white paper, then layer with red decorative paper. Cut green leaves and a stalk, then buff dark blue chalk behind the stalk once you’ve attached it to the top of the card. Dot pearl white relief paint around the face of the card to suggest seeds, then add a sentiment.

  3. Hanging Decoration - 1 Print the template onto red paper, then cut out and score along the dotted lines. Glue the tab and join the two edges together, creating a half-cone shape. Adhere the ends of a loop of ribbon to the back of the strawberry, then cut a green leaf and attach with glue to the top of the hanging.

    2 Decorate the strawberry with sequins, gems or white relief paint. Fold green paper in half, then cut a butterfly across the fold. Open out the wings and glue a flower stamen to the head as antennae. Decorate the wings with off-cuts of white paper, gems and pearl white relief paint.

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