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Celebrate the joys of spring with this sunny flower project.

What you need...
  • Card, various colours
    Paper: green; blue spotty
    Pens, ProMarker, Cocktail Pink, Amber, Bright Orange, Canary, Tulip, Peach, Leaf Green, Forest, Lime, Lipstick Red
    Stamp, With Love
    Ink-pad, green
    Coloured pencils
    Mini terracotta flower pots
    Thread, silver
    Wooden coffee stirrers
  1. Birthday Easel Card - 1 Print or copy the template onto white card. Score along the dotted lines, cut out and fold up to create an easel-style card.

    2 Print out all the card motifs and colour in using the marker pens. Add shading around them using coloured pencils. Cover the central section in blue spotty paper. Colour and apply leaf green ink around the circle base.

    3 Colour the large daisy in shades of yellow and orange, then add lines in black within the petals. Shade the face with the tulip marker and add a little orange around the edges. Cut out.

    4 Ink the mound the daisy sits on in leaf green. Pierce holes where marked and stick to the front. Attach the daisy. Colour in the watering can with the markers. Pierce a series of holes on the pouring spout and stick to the front. Work over the holes again, piercing through the blue spot card. Take a length of silver thread, tape one end to the back, then thread from the can to the mound to create the ‘water.'

    5 Fix the seed packet text to a scrap of brown paper, add a little string and stick to the front of the design along with cloud shapes. Fold up the card into the easel shape and add a 'Happy Birthday' sentiment. Stick a green coffee stirrer along the semi-circle to stop

  2. Flowerpot Muffin Holder - 1 Cut white card to cover the top section of a pot. Use the chisel end of the pens to colour squares, then attach to the pot using foam pads. Colour strips of 3.5cm paper in leaf green and stamp ‘With Love’ in green. Stick on the pot.

    2 Make a seed packet as before and stick on with foam pads. Colour a large daisy and add little dashed lines in black pen. Paint a coffee stick green, leaving the part which goes into the muffin unpainted, then glue to the large daisy.

    3 Make an open tray with a woven insert. Colour paper with the markers and cut up into 0.5cm strips. Weave the strips and stick to white card, 9.5cm x 17cm. Cut another piece of white the same size, measure in 1cm from each side, and cut out the middle section to create a frame to stick on top.

    4 Take thick card, 12.5cm x 20cm. Score 1.5cm from each side. Cut out each square corner and fold up to create an open tray. Cover the sides in green paper and stick the woven panel to the base. Add a ‘With Love’ sentiment. Pop a muffin in the flowerpot and the large daisy on top.

  3. With Love Card - 1 Fold white card, 6.5cm x 29cm, in half to create a card base. Attach a stamped sentiment, a green strip of paper and flower head.

    2 Finish with coloured squares along the bottom, made with the chisel end of marker pens as before.

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