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Painted Glassware Home Project

Designer: Sharon Bennett
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Transform glassware into pretty tabletop decs with just a few flicks of a paintbrush

What you need...
  • Card, white, purple, pink
  • Paint, GlasArt: Bordeaux (434), white (470), iridescent glitter (587)
  • Paintbrush
  • Glass
  • Gems, yellow
  • Pen, gold
  • Paint thinner
  1. stemmed votives - Clean the glass with a damp clean cloth, taking care not to leave any traces of dust or finger grease. Trace out the images onto glass. Use Bordeaux to fill in the petals around the centre of the daisy, then paint the centres in white.

    Add gems or beads to centres and dot iridescent sparkle paint on the petals and around the design. Create the second votive by using white paint for the petals and Bordeaux for the accents.

  2. tea light - Clean the glass thoroughly with a dampened clean cloth. Trace the designs onto the surface; it may be easier to place the template on the inside of the glass and copy them this way. Starting with the white paint, colour every other petal of the daisy.

    Let the white dry completely before painting the remaining petals in Bordeaux – this will prevent the paints running together. With a fine brush, add the swirly stems and leaves. Embellish with iridescent glitter paint and gems.

  3. card - Cut and score a card from burgundy cardstock. Layer with pink and then white card, as shown. Using the pattern as a guide, draw the design onto the different sections. Use white paint on the pink card to create the daisy chain effect.

    Apply the pattern along the edge of the burgundy section with gold pen. Burgundy and pink paints are used on the white section, and yellow gems form the centres of the flowers.

  4. tag - Make a folded tag from burgundy card, then turn it landscape. Add pink and white paper, as with the card. Embellish with gold pen and yellow gems. Punch a hole through the folded edge and thread through matching ribbon.

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