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Painted Christmas Baubles

Designer: Ruth Watkins

Punch pretty motifs from peelable paint to brighten up your Christmas tree trimmings.

What you need...
  • Baubles, glass/plastic, frosted pink, lilac
    Marabu fun and fancy window colour, cherry red, mother of pearl
    Marabu fun liners glitter, reddish gold, silver, fuchsia
    Punches, heart, star, snowflake
    Ribbon: pink, organza, one metre; lilac, organza, 50cm
  1. Lilac Bauble - Squeeze a blob of mother of pearl paint onto a sheet of acetate or any hard, clean, non-absorbent surface, such as tile. Add a few drops of cherry red and gently mix together with the bottle tip to make soft pink with some streaks of pearl showing. Spread out with the tip of the bottle to achieve a thin even coat. If air bubbles appear, prick with a pin to disperse. Set aside to dry overnight.

    Before handling the peelable paint, make sure your hands are clean and free from hand creams. Gently peel off from the surface and place between two sheets of thin paper. Punch out nine star shapes, or however many you need depending on the size of the lilac bauble. Push a star onto the surface and smooth with your finger. If you need to move the motifs, simply peel off and reposition as necessary.

    Outline each star with gold glitter liner and add dots in places. Hang up to dry. Thread 20cm of lilac organza ribbon through the fixing and tie in a loop at the top, leaving a few centimetres at the ends. Rotate so the knot is at the bottom. Thread a 30cm length of matching ribbon through the fixing and tie in a pretty bow.

  2. Snowflake Bauble - Squeeze out mother of pearl paint, spread out thinly with the bottle tip and leave to dry overnight as before. Punch out snowflakes and position evenly over the surface of a pink bauble. Add a dot of fuchsia glitter liner in the centre of each motif, then tie on a pink organza loop and matching bow.

  3. Heart Bauble - Squeeze out a large blob of cherry red paint, spread out and leave to dry overnight. Punch out nine hearts or however many required. Place on a pink bauble and outline with silver glitter, adding dots randomly in between. Finish with a pink organza bow. – Marabu fun and fancy window paints.

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