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Add a homemade touch to a candle holder with these painterly effects

What you need...
  • Glass tumbler, small
  • Outliner, Pebeo, pearl
  • Paints, Pebeo, glass, white, ultramarine
  • Paintbrush, soft, fine
  • Cabochons, pearl, blue
  1. Clean a glass candleholder, then leave to dry. Secure the downloadable pattern to the inside and pack the glass with kitchen paper. Work the pattern with outliner and fix a blue cabochon into place in the centre of the flower so it’s held securely by the wet outliner.

  2. Decorate the glass with cabochons, using dots of outliner as adhesive, then leave to dry. Place the glass on its side so the outlined flower faces up. Mix a spot of ultramarine paint with white and use to fill the flower, working it right up to the outlines. Allow to dry.

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