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Painted Bird House

Designer: Helen Fitzjohn
bird house, crafts, garden, painting,
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Get back to nature and feed the birds with this prettied-up bird house

What you need...
  • Wooden bird box
  • Woodstain, Cuprinol: Country Cream; Wild Thyme
  • Paint, acrylic: cream, black
  • Varnish, spray, clear
  • Pen, permanent, black
  • Stamps, alphabet
  • Ink-pad, black
  1. Roughly sand a bird box to remove any flaking wood, then paint it in cream and green. Download and print the large blackbird design and trace it onto the bird box in pencil.

  2. Draw around the outline using permanent black pen, then fill it in with black acrylic paint. Once dry, add cream spots and the wing motif, then stamp ‘birdie house’ using alphabet stamps. Leave to dry, then carefully spray with varnish.

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