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Painted Berries Tin

Designer: Sharon Bennett
crafts, painting, upcycling,
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Upcycle tinware with nifty penmanship and summery motifs

What you need...
  • Posca Paint Pens: Broad 8K, white, pink; Medium 5M, light green, light blue, red; Fine 1MC, pink, dark green, red, yellow; Ultra Fine 1MR, red, dark
  • green, white-yellow
  • Tin to decorate
  • Pencil
  • Tracing paper
  1. Remove the lid of a tin. Using the pink wide pen, sweep a panel of colour 30mm deep, around the bottom of the tin. Go over it several times to get even coverage.

  2. Apply white paint to the rest of the tin above the pink panel using a broad nib. When dry, add a light green line using a medium pen overlapping the pink.
    Re-apply the white, blending in a little green. When dry, paint pink onto the rim of the lid.

  3. Add the images: apply soft pencil to the reverse side of the traced motifs, position and secure with tape. Draw over them to transfer the pencil lines onto the surface. Replace the lid and line it up with the rest of the images.

  4. Colour in some of the strawberries in pink with red key lines and add yellow dots for the pips. Paint the leaves and tendrils using the fine nib. The cupcake base is white, the sponge orange and the icing pink. Fill in the flowers, bird, jug and cup as shown.

  5. Use the fine pens to draw key lines to accentuate certain elements of the design. Add small blue flowers to the jug and cup, then with a wet brush fuse the colour around the edges (this should be done whilst paint is still wet). Once all detail is complete add a pattern of thin white checked lines with the fine nib.

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