Crafts Beautiful Magazine


New Moon

Designer: Jane Kharade
What you need...
  • Pearls, blue: 3mm x 2; 8mm x 2
  • Clay, metal x 25g
  • Cord ends
  • Clasp, toggle
  • Chain, trace, loose
  • Cord, leather, black
  • Jump rings: 4mm; 5mm
  • Headpins
  • Eye pin
  • Earwires
  • Teflon mat
  • Talcum powder
  • Rolling pin, plastic, small
  • Needle tool
  • Hand held blow torch
  • Soldering block
  • Wire brush
  • Metal burnisher
  • Needle files
  • Scalpel
  • Pliers: flat; cutting
  • Cutters: round, 13mm, 20mm, 30mm; star
  • Emery paper, jeweller’s, fine
  1. Necklace - 1 Dust a Teflon mat with talcum powder and thinly roll out a piece of metal clay, then wrap up the excess with cling film immediately to stop it from drying out. Using a 30mm cutter, chop a circle from the clay then use a 20mm one to create a crescent shape at the bottom.

    2 Use the cutters to mark curved strips on the pendant, then fill in the arcs with decorative lines,using a blunt scalpel and taking care not to score too deeply. Use a narrow straw to cut a hole at the top and a cocktail stick to pierce a hole at the bottom.

    3 Allow the clay to dry out completely overnight, so it resembles dry plaster. Use needle files to tidy up the rough edges and lightly sand the surface with very fine jeweller’s emery paper to create a smooth finish. Lay the pendant on a soldering block and fire it evenly for 2.5 minutes, so it steadily glows pale orange.

    4 Once cooled, work over the clay with a wire brush to bring out the silver and polish with a metal burnisher to achieve a mirror finish. Thread leather cord through the top hole of the pendant. Fold the tips and insert them into cord ends using superglue to secure, then fix a toggle clasp with 5mm jump rings. Thread an 8mm blue pearl onto a head pin, form a loop and hang through the bottom hole with a 4mm jump ring at the base of the crescent.

  2. Bracelet - 1 Following the pendant instructions, make up a large metal crescent. Bring out the silver with a wire brush and polish with a metal burnisher. Loop a length of cord through one side of the crescent. Don’t forget to measure the bracelet around your wrist to find an appropriate length.

    2 Thread an 8mm blue pearl onto an eye pin, bend the end into a loop and attach it to the end of the crescent via a 4mm jump ring. Fold a length of cord in two and attach to the loop of the pearled head pin with another 4mm jump ring. Fold the edges over and add box cord ends. Finally, attach a toggle clasp with 5mm jump rings.

  3. Earrings - 1 Following the instructions for the pendant, cut out two clay crescents but using smaller 20mm and 13mm cutters. Add texture and create holes, as before. From the remaining clay, cut four small stars and make holes at the tops of each.

    2 Leave the shapes to dry, fire then brush them. Attach earwires to each of the crescents with 4mm jump rings. Cut six varying lengths of chain and hang the stars singularly from four of them with 4mm jump rings.

    3 Thread two pearls singularly onto head pins and hang each from the remaining two lengths of chain. Connect three of the chain pieces (two stars, one pearl) to a crescent via a jump ring. Repeat to make a pair.