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Needle Felted Christmas Stocking

Designer: Sally Southern

Combine colourful wool fibres in patterns of your choice for eyecatching effects

What you need...
  • Wool tops, large selection of colours
  • Ready-made felt, selection of colours
  • Bamboo rolling mat
  • Soap
  • Net cloth
  • Embroidery threads: turquoise; teal; cerise; orange
  • Buttons, small, various colours
  • Beads: wooden, large; pearl flat; seed: cerise; turquoise; lime
  • Ribbon, thin, pale blue
  • Card blanks
  1. Felt Stocking - 1 Lay out the first layer in white fibres in a loose stocking shape around 15cm x 24cm. Add a second pale blue layer.
    On top of this, add spots of yellow at the top, followed by pink, maroon and turquoise stripes. In the centre make a loose orange star (three long strips laid together to make a six-pointed shape).
    Follow with more stripes in turquoise, blue and lime.

    2 Use the previous felt-making instructions to felt the fibres. Once dry you can cut the piece to the size and shape you want. Sew a line of small buttons along the top edge.

    3 Decorate the stocking with a mixture of different stitches and beads.
    Embellish the star to look like a snowflake by sewing a button in the middle and adding more stitches and beads.

    4 Choose a piece of plain ready-made felt for the back, and cut to size. Sew the two pieces together in blanket stitch, leaving the top edge open. Fold a 30cm length of ribbon in half to form a loop.

    5 Sew the ribbon to the top right-hand corner of the stocking and add a button on top to cover the stitches.
    Thread three large wooden beads onto the ribbon with the smallest one on the end.

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