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Music Makers

Designer: Corinne Bradd
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Transform boxes, tubes and cans into your own DIY orchestra!

What you need...
  • Assorted empty boxes, drink cans
    Patterned paper Washi tape
    Paper fasteners
    Elastic bands
    Embellishments: bells, beads, buttons, jingle bells, paper fasteners
    Dried rice or gravel
    Adhesives: double-sided tape, glue
  1. Shakers - 1. Take a clean, dry drink can and remove the ring tab. Fill with dried rice, beads or gravel and seal the hole by gluing a disc of thick card over the top. Cover the card with a larger circle of coloured paper and bind the edges with tightly tied yarn.

    2. Cover the can with patterned paper and add wraps of patterned and glitter washi tape to decorate. Wrap double-sided tape around the tops of the can and cover with tightly wrapped yarn, adding tassels or buttons if desired.

    3. Alternatively crochet a band of double crochet stitches to fit over the top of the can and add fringing by attaching lengths of yarn to the bottom edge with a lark’s head knot. Fix the band over the top of the shaker with double-sided tape.

  2. Lap Guitar - 1. Take a small sturdy cardboard box (a cat food pouch box is perfect) and cut a hole in one large side with a craft knife, leaving at least a 3cm border around all sides. Paste patterned paper inside the box before covering the outside with more paper, adding strips of washi tape to decorate.

    2. Take two strips of thick card left over from the hole you cut out, measuring at least 2cm x 10cm. Cover with paper and add five or six paper fasteners to each one, leaving at least 2cm clear at each end.

    3. Fix the strips to either side of the hole with more paper fasteners pierced through all layers. Ensure the strips are not fixed too close to the edges of the hole as they will be under stress. Place different sized rubber bands around the paper fasteners so they stretch across the hole and make different notes.

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