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Everything needed to make these projects was found in the children’s section of The Range, so get kids involved this Christmas!

What you need...
  • Pony beads, metallic colours
  • Pompoms, neon
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Enamel Dots, glitter colours
  • Adhesive toppers
  • Card, aperture
  • Wrapping paper, handmade, green
  • Ribbon, satin
  • Cord, silver
  • Wire cutters
  • Adhesives: glue gun; foam pads, 3-D; tape, double-sided
  • Scissors
  1. Gift Topper - 1 Form a pipe cleaner into a ring, winding the two ends back around to secure. Trim away excess with a wire cutter.

    2 Sort out the pompoms into sizes and colours. Using a glue gun, stick a circle of pompoms onto the pipe cleaner ring. Stick a ring of the smallest pompoms to the inside of the circle.

    3 Next, wedge and stick pony beads in between the larger pompom ring, then a circle of beads to the outer edge. Tie and stick a satin bow to the base of the wreath and complete with a greeting topper.

    4 Wrap the gift in a contrasting coloured paper and tie with silver ribbon. Stick the completed wreath topper with a couple of 3-D foam pads.

  2. Beaded Hanging Wreath - 1 Sort out pony beads into colours. Thread the beads onto a pipe cleaner in your order of choice, repeating the sequence until the stem is nearly full, leaving approximately 3cm at each end. Repeat the process twice more, making three beaded stems.

    2 Twist the beaded stems around each other, then bring the two ends together forming a ring, twisting the ends of the stems together to secure. Trim away any excess stem with the wire cutters. Bind this area with a piece of green ribbon. Tie a purple satin bow and stick it to the green ribbon, placing a glitter dot on the bows knot to complete.

    3 Finally, thread a length of purple satin ribbon through the top of the wreath and tie the ends in a knot to form a hanging loop.

  3. Greeting Card - 1 Sort out small pompoms and place them in a row, in order of colour preference. Cut a piece of green wrapping paper slightly larger than the aperture in a card blank and stick to the inside of the card with narrow double-sided tape.

    2 Draw a circle with a pencil to fit inside the card aperture; use this as a guide to stick the tiny pompoms in order of your colour preference to form a ring. Tuck and stick a ring of the middle sized glitter dots to the outer edge of the pompoms, the really tiny dots to the centre of each pompom and, using the larger glitter dots, a circle to the inner edge; these may need a little extra glue to secure them in place.

    3 Tie and stick a purple bow to the base of the wreath and a greeting topper to the top to finish.

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