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Please your dad this Father's Day with this cufflinks and accessories set

What you need...
  • Clay, Fimo Soft; transparent, 014; peppermint, 39
    Bezel frame, square
    Ring blank
    Cufflink blanks
    Cutting mat
    Tape, double-sided
  1. Cufflinks - 1 Blend transparent clay with peppermint to create three shades, very pale, medium and dark, adding more of the green to create a darker tone.

    2 Roll out each and cut into strips. Use a sharp scalpel to slice angled chips. Press a small piece of peppermint clay into a cufflink blank, then arrange the chips on top, using the scalpel to pick up and position them.

    3 Lay acetate over the chips and rub to remove any hard edges. Snip silver foil into tiny pieces and place them randomly on the chips. Repeat with another blank, then bake according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  2. Box - 1 Repeat steps 1 and 2 of the cufflinks project to create chips of clay. Roll peppermint onto a small sheet of acetate, then lay over a box and measure, trim the clay accordingly.

    2 Arrange the chips over the clay, then rest a small piece of acetate on top and rub over. Add flakes of silver foil, then bake. Once cooled, peel away the acetate and stick the clay to the lid of the box with double-sided tape.

  3. Pendant - 1 Make up clay chips as for the cufflinks. Push peppermint clay into a pendant frame, then arrange the chips on top, cover with acetate and rub over before adding silver foil chips.

    2 Bake the pendant on a sheet of paper according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once the clay has cooled and hardened, hang from a length of black cord.

  4. Ring - Prepare a ring blank with peppermint clay and create chips, as for the cufflinks. Rub over with an acetate sheet, then add tiny pieces of foil and bake.

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