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Create Corinne Bradd's pretty flowers to make an everlasting bouquet

What you need...
  • Book papers, origami papers or music score sheets cut to square

  • Pencil or ruler

  • Florist wire or pipe cleaners

  • Small diamanté embellishments (optional)
  1. Origami Lilies - 1. Fold one side in the middle horizontally, unfold and fold the same side in the middle vertically. Turn over and fold diagonally on each corner (Fig.1).

    2. Unfold and tun over so the first side faces you. Tuck the top left and bottom corners in on themselves so the inside creases meet each other (Fig.2).

    3. You should now have four flaps. Take one of the side flaps and fold it inwards, so it lines up with the centre fold (Fig.3).

    4. Place your finger inside the fold and squash it down so you have a kite shape with the underside of your paper showing. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 on all flaps (Fig.4).

    5. Fold the two sides into the centre then unfold. Slip your finger into the top edge of the pocket (Fig.5).

    6. Using creases as a guide, pull the lip of it all the way down, ensuring everything is aligned on the centre. Fold the triangle flap up. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 on all sides (Fig.6).

    7. Turn over to reveal the side with no folds or flaps on it. Fold the side edges into the centre crease and repeat all around (Fig.7).

    8. With one side facing you, pull one of the petals downwards. Repeat (Fig.8).

    9. Take a pencil or ruler and curl the edge of the petals (Fig.9). You can now thread through a length of florist wire to use as a stem. Alternatively, glue a small paper cone to the top of a pipe cleaner before pushing the other end through the centre and out of the bottom of the flower, leaving the cone in the middle. Apply thick PVA around the rim of the cone and fix a small diamanté embellishment to the top.

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