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Offer mixed media to your clientèle with statement fabric jewellery

What you need...
  • HEART NECKLACE Leather, red, burgundy, cream, Red embroidery thread, Waxed cotton cord, 2mm, Magenta flat back gems, 3mm x 22, Snap fastener

  • TOOLS Hand sewing leather punch, Needle, large-eyed
  1. Heart Necklace - 1 Download and print the templates for this project from the link on this page. Cut a small heart from red leather and a larger one from burgundy.

    2 Place the red heart on top of the burgundy one, lining up the top indent of each. Apply a small amount of glue to the edges of the lower part of the smaller heart to temporarily hold it in place. Use a leather punch to make a series of threading holes around the edge of the smaller heart through both layers. Leave the top curves of the heart un-punched.

    3 Sew the two leather hearts together using running stitch with six strands of red embroidery thread. Work in one direction and then back through the holes in the other direction for a neat, continuous line of stitches. Cut the edges of the larger heart into a fringe.

    4 Stitch the female half of a snap fastener to the underside of the fold-over tab on the larger heart and mark its corresponding position on the smaller heart. Stitch the male half of the fastener on this mark. Cut wings from cream leather and make a hole in the centre. Glue the wings over the snap fastener so the connector passes through the hole and the pouch can be closed.

    5 Trim a tiny heart from burgundy leather and glue firmly on top of the fold-over flap. Decorate the heart with a border of magenta flat back gems fixed with glue. Pierce two holes through both layers at the top of the heart to thread with waxed cotton cord for hanging.

  2. Expand Your Range - Use our templates and a variety of coloured leather to create a cute bird pouch necklace.

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