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Offer mixed media to your clientèle with statement fabric jewellery

What you need...
  • BOOK PENDANT Leather, purple, pink, red, Pink embroidery thread, Cotton cord, 3mm, Silver flat back gems, 2mm x 78, A4 paper

  • TOOLS Hand sewing leather punch, Needle, large-eyed
  1. Cut A4 paper into 16 rectangles, measuring 5.2cm x 7.5cm. Stack into four piles of four sheets, then fold each one in half to make four 16 page sections. Open out each fold slightly and pierce four holes through the spine of each section.

  2. Sew the pages together with backstitch through the holes. Stack the sewn sections together and stitch the spines using the reverse of the back stitch to weave into. Trim the edges of the book with a ruler and craft knife if necessary.

  3. Create a book jacket from purple leather using the template. Glue onto a 5.5cm x 9cm rectangle of pink leather and trim the edges to make a slim border. Cut 7mm x 4cm from purple leather, fold in half, then glue to the top centre of the jacket to make a hanging loop. Punch holes all around the edges of the jacket and stitch with three strands of pink embroidery thread.

  4. Fold the jacket in half and pierce five holes down the spine. Stitch the jacket to the book with embroidery thread, passing between the holes and the stitches along the spine of the paper book.

  5. Cut a tiny heart from red leather. Punch five holes down the centre and cut two slits on either side of these. Sew to the front centre of the book jacket so the leather strip can pass through the slits and the heart acts as a buckle. Decorate the border of the jacket and the closure strip with silver flat back gems, fixed securely with glue.

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