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Create Jane Kharade's stylish pendants from silver sheet

What you need...
  • GIFT BOX: A4 pink card, Floral pink paper, White polymer clay, Ornate rubber stamp, Silver ink Eye pins, Pink ribbon

  • TOOLS: Pliers, round-nosed, Wire cutters, Saw frame and blades no 3.0, Bench peg & ‘G’ clamp, Needle files, Coarse, medium and fine emery papers, Metal burnisher, Power tool with 1mm drill bit, Metal block, Metal punch, Jobbing hammer, Hide hammer, Solder paste, Blowtorch, Soldering block, Reverse action tweezers, Safety pickle, Double-sided tape, PVA glue, Wooden round door knob, 40mm, 45mm, Cutting mat, Scalpel no.3 handle and 10A blade, Round cutter, 15mm
  1. Gift Box - 1. Download and print the box template and cut out from A4 pink card. Cut four panels of floral pink paper and glue them to the sides of the box. Glue contrasting paper to the inside of the box, along the handles. Leave to dry and trim around the handles then assemble.

    2. Roll out a sheet of white polymer clay. Using an ornate rubber stamp, print the clay using silver ink. Cut the clay into 15mm discs and insert an eye pin into each one. Bake the clay according to the manufacturer’s instructions, thread onto a length of ribbon and tie to the box to finish.

  2. Make it yours - If you wish to create smaller versions of the pendants, finer saw blades will be required to cut them out.

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