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What you need...
  • BEADS Glass, round: 6mm, pink x 2; 8mm, blue x 3; 10mm, red x 3 Cotton-wrapped, round, 15mm x 18mm, blue and cream x 4, Pearls, round, 12mm x 4; 8mm x 2, Metallic, round, 6mm x 8, Charm, anchor, silver-plated, Ribbon, 5mm, striped red and white

  • FINDINGS Shrink plastic,inkjet, white, Chain, silver-plated:extra large link; largelink; small link;extension x 2, Jump rings,silver-plated; 5mm;6mm; 8mm, Head pins,silver-plated, Clasps, silver-plated:lobster; toggle, Earwires, Eye pins

  • TOOLS Computer with image editing software, Printer, inkjet, Oven or heat gun, Craft knife, Cutting mat, Hole punch, small,single, circular, Acrylic spray, can, Cutters, wire, Pliers, round-nosed, Scissors,Tape measure, Nail varnish, clear
  1. How to... Print our FREE motifs - 1. To download our PDF file, Open the first page of the file using image editing software such as Photoshop or GIMP. For optimum printing quality, ensure the resolution of the page is set to 300 pixels per inch. In Photoshop and GIMP this can be done in the ‘import’ dialogue box which appears when opening the document. Also ensure the page opens at US letter size which is 215.9mm (8.5”) in width by 279.4mm (11”) in height. If using Photoshop, also ensure that crop to ‘media box’ is selected in the drop down list under the page options.

    2. As the colours will intensify once the plastic is shrunk, lighten the motifs before printing by reducing the opacity which can be found in the layers palette. This can be made visible in Photoshop by clicking the Windows menu then the layers option, or in GIMP by clicking the windows menu followed by the layers option in the drop down list under ‘dockable dialogs’. You may need to experiment a little, but as a guide for most the opacity will need to be reduced to around 60% to 70%.

    3. Before printing, double check that the page is set to print at US letter size. In Photoshop, click the file menu then the print option. In GIMP, click the file menu then the print option and look under the image settings tab. Also ensure that the paper size is set to US letter size under your printer’s own options menu and that the print orientation is set to portrait. As a size guide, the boat motif should measure approximately 11.3cm at its tallest point once printed. Ensure that your printer is set to print at full size and at its highest quality level, then load a sheet of shrink plastic, print the motifs and leave to dry for at least an hour. Repeat to open and print the second page of the document.

  2. Boat Necklace - 1. Using a craft knife, cut the boat motif from the shrink plastic. Avoid touching it to prevent any smudging of the ink. Use a small circular single hole punch at the left and right-hand sides near the top, then another at the right-hand side of the base.

    2. Place the motif into an oven or use a heat gun to shrink according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If it doesn’t lie completely flat when shrunk, press it between two flat objects before it cools. Leave to fully cool, then apply three coats of acrylic spray, allowing to dry between coats.

    3. Thread a silver bead, a blue and white cotton-wrapped bead and another silver bead onto a head pin. Trim the excess, then form a loop using round-nosed pliers. Repeat to create a matching pin. Thread a red and blue glass bead onto a head pin, trim and form a loop. Repeat to make another one, then create two single beaded head pins using a 12mm pearl for each.

    4. Cut two 22cm lengths of large link silver-plated chain. Use 8mm jump rings to secure each length to the holes at either side of the boat charm, then 5mm ones to attach each style of beaded head pin to both lengths of chain. Using a 6mm jump ring, attach an anchor charm to the hole at the base of the boat. Fix a jump ring, extension chain and lobster clasp to the ends of the chain.

  3. Make it yours - Boost your collection with matching charm bracelets. Created with a selection of shrink plastic charms and beaded head pins, they’d be a great seller at craft fairs.

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