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Create Jane Kharade's fun moustache jewellery, plus a bonus matching gift box

What you need...
  • GIFT BOX Card, aqua A4 sheet, dark pink, purple, Dovecraft paper, Back to Basics 1V, PVA glue, Double-sided tape, Sticky pads

  • TOOLS Pliers, round-nosed, flat-nosed, snipe-nosed,Saw frame, Saw blade, 3/0, Benchpeg with G clamp, Needle files, Emery papers, Power tool and 1mm drill bit, Efcolor enamelling stove, Sieve tops, Enamel stilts, Epoxy resin, Cocktail stick,Scalpel, Cutting mat
  1. Gift Box - 1. Download and print the gift box and moustache templates. Cut out the gift box template from an A4 sheet of aqua card. Add a strip of double-sided tape to the side tab for closing, but do not assemble yet.

    2. Embellish the ends of the box with purple patterned Back to Basic 1V paper. Add a band of the same paper across the middle of the box. Use a small amount of PVA to glue the pieces of patterned paper to the box, then leave to dry out thoroughly.

    3. Use a sharp scalpel to cut out one purple moustache and two dark pink moustaches from card. Cut sticky pads into small pieces and fix the purple moustache centrally on the box, with the pink moustaches either side. Assemble the box along the scored lines to finish.

  2. Make it yours - Create a brooch by cutting a moustache from copper sheet and enamelling as before, then adhere a pin back with epoxy resin.

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