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Make & Gift Keyring

Designer: Ellen Kharade
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Create Ellen Kharade's unique periodic table-inspired jewellery

What you need...
  • KEYRING Polymer clay, white, peppermint, Indian red, pacific blue, plum, Lazertran transfer paper for polymer clay, Keyring fob, Head pins, Jump ring, 8mm

  • TOOLS Pliers, round-nosed, flat-nosed,Wire cutters, Clay roller, Tissue blade, Burnishing tool, Shallow tray, Dremel hobby drill and fine drill bit, Bead piercing needles, Laser photocopier, Clear nail varnish (optional)
  1. Keyring - 1. Make up one name tile and bake and finish as above. Drill a small hole through the tile horizontally and vertically. Make up one peppermint, one pacific blue, one plum, one Indian red 8mm polymer clay ball. Create a pilot hole through the centre of each one and bake as before. Once cool, varnish the round beads.

    2. Thread a plum bead onto a head pin vertically, followed by the name tile and then a red bead. Trim the end to size and turn into a neat loop. Thread a peppermint bead onto a head pin, horizontally followed by the name tile and a pacific blue bead, trim the end to size and turn into a very small loop. Attach a jump ring to the red bead and then attach to a keyring fob to finish.

  2. Make it yours - Use the keyring design to make a gift tag for a decorated card pillow box.

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