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Get into the Easter spirit with Jane Kharade's enamelled bunny brooch

What you need...
  • Enamels, 10ml: light turquoise, dark turquoise, white
    Copper sheet, 0.7mm
    Brooch back
    Epoxy resin
    TOOLS: pliers, round-nosed, flat-nosed, snipe-nosed; Efcolor enamelling stove; sieve tops; enamel stilts; power tool; texturing attachment; 1.5mm drill bit; metal spatula; brass stencil; needle files; emery paper; saw frame and No.3 blades; bench peg; G clamp; cocktail stick; double-sided tape; scalpel; No.3 handle; 10A blade; cutting mat; fine round paintbrush
  1. Using a rectangular template, cut out a piece of copper as before. File the edges and rub the copper with emery paper. Lay the copper on an enamelling stilt, sprinkle a layer of light turquoise powder over the surface and melt in the stove. Carefully remove with a metal spatula to cool down completely. Use a scalpel to cut a leaping rabbit shape from a piece of paper. Lay the stencil over the enamelled rectangle and sprinkle an even layer of white enamel over the cut out rabbit.

  2. Carefully lift off the stencil; any stray particles of enamel powder can be cleaned away by using a damp paintbrush. Melt the enamel in a stove and leave to cool. Add a small turquoise eye and flower detail using a brass stencil. Melt the enamel in a stove once again and leave to cool. Mix up epoxy resin and glue the enamelled rabbit to a brooch blank.

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