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Transform your left-over beads into a best seller!

What you need...
  • NECKLACE Assorted beads Assorted bugle beads Assorted seed beads Metallised plastic heart beads Leaf charms Chain, 3mm links Jump rings, 5mm Toggle clasp Bead caps Beading wire Crimp beads

  • TOOLS Basic Jewellery Making Kit (see p76) Crimping pliers
  1. Necklace - 1. This design consists of three strands, measuring 61cm, 68cm and 75cm, with beads strung randomly. Tiny beads and bugles are threaded amongst the larger beads, plus bead caps and silver hearts.

    2. To make up the longest strand, use a jump ring to attach 6cm of chain to half of a toggle clasp. Secure 25cm of beading wire through the last loop of the chain with a crimp. Thread 16cm of the wire with a selection of beads. Attach the wire to the end of a 3cm length of chain with a crimp bead.

    3. Attach a length of wire to the end of the chain as before. String 22cm of beads then attach the wire to a 6cm chain. Fix more wire to the other end of the chain and add 9cm of beads. Secure the wire to a 13cm chain, then secure this to the other half of the clasp with a jump ring.

    4. Make up the two shorter strands in the same way, varying the length of chains and beaded wires according to the look you wish to create. When complete, use jump rings to attach a random selection of leaf charms to the chains in the arrangement of your choice.

  2. Make it yours - Create a cocktail ring by wiring various beads onto a 10-loop ring base.

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